Perfection revealed,
the history of a renaissance

On a small, meticulously selected terroir, cultivated with awareness and respect for both nature and man, Château Arnauld renders accessible the expression and enchantment of the legendary wines of the Medoc.

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Les Vignobles de Larose

Sustainable viticulture,
for both man and vineyard

As pioneers in the field, all our estates are certified High Environmental Value.

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A miracle for the vineyard

Château Arnauld is firstly the beneficiary of the long history of the river Garonne which, for over a million years, has laid down its bed of round pebbles. This miracle, unique in the world for the expression that it gives to the vines, has given rise to veritable jewels along its path.

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Revealing nature’s expression through skill and rigour

Château Arnauld closely resembles its more illustrious neighbours not only in the nature of its terroir, but also in its methods and its quality. State of the art technology serves to better understand and ennoble the living raw material.

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The magic of truly great wines

It has succeeded in carrying off the extraordinary feat of remodelling and breathing new life into its heritage, bringing within the reach of a wider public the possibility of experiencing the magic of great wine.

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