The Château

Château Arnauld is on the “Route des Châteaux” in the heart of the small town of Arcins, opposite the church. It is a classic model of a Médoc château with its traditional low architecture, modest and elegant, its orangery, and its vat room and cellar adjoining the residential accommodation. It bears witness to a history that goes back to the times of the Templars, and is host all year round to numerous events, visits and seminars.

A history of hospitality since the 12th century

Amongst the very first vines to be planted in the Médoc were those belonging to the Knights Templars at Arcins, who offered their wine to pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Château Arnauld, in all its elegant simplicity, is a testimonial to this tradition of hospitality. The ancient Templar church is no longer standing, but its original stones are still visible in the perimeter wall of the château.

A wine estate at the end of the 17th century

Several centuries were to go by before these thirst-quenching wines would become genuine crus with their different personalities… and rivalries. This culture of wine really took hold at the end of the 17th century, with the massive exportation of wine from Bordeaux. New vineyards had to be planted to meet the demand, and the nobility and the bourgeoisie of Bordeaux descended in large numbers on the Médoc. Pierre-Jacques Arnauld, a magistrate from Bordeaux, bought the Priory of Arcins and founded the “Cru Arnauld” which would later become Château Arnauld.

The château buildings today

Château Arnauld has been entirely renovated in the spirit that defines wine itself: the appreciation, respect and exaltation of what history and nature have offered us, and the sobriety, precision and technicity of the craft that we bring to it. Its modern, state-of-the-art vat room, lodged within the historic building, was inaugurated in 2014, followed by the reception rooms in 2019 and the barrel hall in 2020.

The style of the château evokes the exceptional comfort and quiet elegance of a country home which welcomes groups and individuals in a warm, intimate setting, as if to share a secret with them….


Our visits will initiate you into the metamorphosis of the grape, via a tour of the vat room and the barrel hall, culminating in a tasting that puts everything into context and invites you to discover the nuances of the terroirs and the influence of the vintage.

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Events and seminars

Château Arnauld is open all year round for your events, receptions and business seminars. We offer a bespoke service to take care of all your organisational and catering needs as well as local accommodation at preferential rates, if required.

Practical information on events and seminars

Dining room: seating for up to 13 people
Salon: seating for up to 12 people
Tasting room
Kitchen: up to 5 places
Orangery: 100m2
Visits to the vineyard, cellar and château

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