2019 A great winemakers vintage

From a climate point of view, this vintage experienced everything. First of all frost on certain isolated parts of the vineyard, then heavy rains in the spring which caused a significant incidence of poor fruit set on certain parcels resulting in low yields, and finally drought conditions from July to September with rainfall at some 40% less than average.

Our commitment to sustainable viticulture which respects the terroir, where the grower must be in perfect synergy with the plant, allowed us to adapt to these difficult conditions for a result that vastly exceeded our expectations.

This vintage is characterized by superb fruit, deep purple hues and impressive density. It is rare to obtain Cabernet Sauvignons that are powerful and rich at the same time, where the texture of the tannins is so delicate. We are not taking much of a risk in declaring that 2019 will be at least at the level of 2018, if not better.

Château Arnauld 2018 was designated a Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel. Out of a family of 249 Crus Bourgeois, 14 wines were ranked Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel, 56 Cru Bourgeois Supérieur and 179 Cru Bourgeois.