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Vignobles de larose


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ARNAULD_2017The 2017 vintage will probably be remembered as an exceptional year in the Médoc viticulture because of its rarity and precocity, similar in many aspects to the 1961 mythical vintage.

On April 27th, the morning temperatures dropped below -3°c, causing huge frost damages in some vineyards and leaving nearly unharmed the warmest terroirs. 

What Nature took from us on April 27th – about 35% drop in crop yield – was given back at the end of the harvest on October 3rd with a stunning quality, combining richness and concentration.


The wines are of a beautiful and unique deep purple color, with ripe red fruit aromas such as wild strawberry, strawberry and raspberry. This vintage has a very specific character: depth, roundness, elegance and finesse on the palate from start to finish. By certain aspects, the flavors and tenderness of the tannins are similar to another great success of Bordeaux: the 1990 vintage.

Will 2017 follow the same path as Bordeaux 1961 vintage, which went through the same frost conditions and precocity? We can certainly hope so, although it’s still too early to say so. However, we shall give it a special consideration over time.  

Franck Bijon

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